Peak Potential "Big Idea" Webinar

The Top Most Common Questions We Receive From Practice Members at Peak Potential!

How could I feel after my adjustment?

You could feel a lot of different things after the adjustment. Our hope is that you feel amazing! However, you could feel a little worse because your body is releasing stored stress -sometimes that doesn’t feel so great. Or you could feel the same and not yet be aware of all the changes happening within your body (remember the marching in place test where you were moving but couldn’t feel it?). 


How does the adjustment work?

Most people wonder how such a light adjustment can make such a big difference. The reason why I can be so gentle is that I am working with your body and not against it! I am finding the stored calm within your nervous system (yes, you have calm areas, too!) and allowing your brain to recognize that and spread that calm throughout your brian and body.

Again, I’m working with your brain to send the proper signals to your nerves which send calm messages to your muscles which will move your bones back to proper alignment. 


Why don’t you adjust my mid back?

I focus on unwinding the top and bottom of your spine and your body releases the middle on its own. You can think of it like a wound up towel -if you unwind the ends, the middle unwinds as well. 

Also, I am activating the parasympathetic nervous system by adjusting the top and bottom of your spine -which is what your brain needs! 


Why do I come in so frequently when starting care?

I need to adjust you or your child multiple times a week in the initial phase of care to build momentum towards a healthy nervous system. 

The brain needs to build new neural pathways and that takes repetition! 


How do I know change is happening?

I will be able to assess change happening within your or your child’s body by feeling and analyzing a new pattern which will allow me to adjust different areas of the body. 

I will communicate that with you during your adjustment so you know change is happening as well! 


Why am I experiencing an old symptom?

As your nervous system is healing, it may bring up old symptoms to the surface to ultimately heal and release them. Especially if you have been dealing with a symptom for a long time or if we are working on filling in gaps of brain development in your child. 

Always communicate with me what your feeling or the behaviors your child is exhibiting as it is a window into your brain and will give me a lot of valuable information of where your healing process is. 


Why do I have symptoms in the first place?

Symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you! They are like the check engine light going off in your car. But instead of me putting a bandaid over the light, we want to first figure out the cause behind the symptom and then fix it. 

Symptoms are an external expression of what is happening internally. 

Again, I’m not specifically treating the symptom but allowing your brain to properly communicate with your body so your body can heal and function as it is designed to! 


Why is this taking longer than expected to heal?

Everybody experiences results at different speeds because we are all unique! True healing takes time. Our goal is to provide you with lasting change and that takes time to accomplish. Just remember that healing is a process and we are here to help you through every step of that process. 


I’m feeling better. Am I done?

The goal is not only for you to feel better, but for you to function better! Symptoms are usually the last thing to appear and the first to go away so even if you’re feeling better and you’re still in your initial phase of care -the goal shifts from releasing old patterns to strengthening new, healthy patterns and creating stability and sustainability in your results! 


What happens at the end of my care plan?

That depends on your goals! Most people choose to continue coming in for adjustments to protect the work we’ve done and to keep your or your child’s nervous system functioning optimally. However, because of the consistency and good work we’ve done in the initial phase of care, you do not need as many adjustments to keep making progress! We will know what is appropriate for you or your child after we do your progress scans. 


How can the adjustment be so fast?

Your body and nervous system continue to release stress and form new neural pathways when you’re not on the table! 

The adjustment on the table is a catalyst for your brain to start making changes and mostly happens when you are at home, sleeping or the next day. 

Also, when I’m working with your body and not against it, it responds really quickly. 


I’m handling stress better, is that due to the adjustment?

Yes! Which is amazing! 

Remember, we can’t control if you have stress but we can control how you handle it and if your brain is not in a fight/flight state, it releases that stress and you can regulate your emotions better and move through the stress versus being consumed and overwhelmed by it. 

This is a common comment I get from parents as well -that their child is better at transitions and adapting to life stressors better which is a huge win and sign that their brain is changing! 


I’m making better health choices, is that due to the adjustment?

Yes! Our bodies want to be healthy. When the nervous system static is decreased, we can more easily listen to what our bodies want.

Also, when you aren’t in sympathetic overdrive (fight/flight) you’re able to make healthier choices like eating better, exercising, etc and those changes will actually stick! It’s very hard to change when your brain and body are in survival/stress mode so when we get you or your child out of that state, change can actually happen! 


What can I do outside of Peak Potential?

Here are some simple but super impactful healthy choices. 

Drink lots of water. I recommend you drink half of your body weight in ounces! Figure out how many refills in your water bottle that is and make that happen! 

Eat real, nutritious food. I will give you a handout with anti-inflammatory foods and will help you as we progress through care. Also, we always have nutritious, easy recipes for you to take home so please take those! 

Move your body! Find an exercise that you enjoy and make a plan to integrate that into your day! 20-30 mins of walking is perfect! 


Turn your phone to be in night mode all the time. It will look orange. Ask us if you need help doing this. 

Limit screen time 45 minutes before bed. 

I will show you specific breathing exercises as we work together. 


How do I explain this to my friends and family?

Focus on the results that you or your child experiences as I understand the specifics of the gentle adjustment can be hard to explain. However a good answer is: It’s a gentle adjustment without the cracking that focuses on the brain and getting to the root cause of the issues. 

Again, we are so grateful to take care of you or your child and are so excited for your health journey! Please, never hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

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