Peak Potential Patient Testimonials

Junie M.

Meet Junie!! This cutie originally started care because she was one unhappy baby. She cried a lot and needed to be bounced constantly. She was also breaking out in rashes. Her parents knew something was off and needed support! They were referred to us by an amazing current practice member who knew we could help!

Today, Junie is a happy, smiley, content, baby who falls asleep every night without crying for hours and constant movement! Yay!!!

Junie’s body was storing extra, unneeded stress which was causing her to be super comfortable and break out in rashes. Dr. Julia’s super gentle adjustments help the body release that stress so she can be comfortable, happy and rash-free!

Happy Baby = Happy Family

Donna G.

What a Transformation!

Today we get to CELEBRATE Donna!! She originally started care to help her with fatigue, weight gain, mom stress and lower back pain –all of which we have been able to help her with!

“I feel so much better! I am no longer tired half way through the day and have energy to last until bed. I’ve lost weight and my stress level is lower and manageable. My back no longer hurts after lifting things or sitting for a long time. I feel like I am a new person with energy and the freedom to live my best life!”

Donna is an AMAZING mom and we are so happy to have increased her energy so she can take care of those she loves!

Reach out if you’re curious how we helped increase her energy, lose weight, decrease her pain and live her best life!


Jess and Julia D.

Meet Jess and Julia!

Both mom (Jess) and baby (Julia) started care at Peak Potential and have had amazing health changes!

Jess initially started care for managing her overall “mom” stress. Here is what she has to report since starting care – “I feel so much more relaxed, wonderful and calm. And overall, my body responds to stress much better!”

Julia initially started care due to constant reflux issues.

“Since starting care with Peak Potential, Julia is now off of her reflux medications, and is doing much better with regulation and spitting up!”

We are honored to take care of families at Peak Potential!


Amanda H.

Healthy Momma’s Make Healthy Baby’s!!

Amanda started care with us in hopes to reduce her neck and back pain as well as wanting specific prenatal chiropractic care to help her along her pregnancy.
She is happy to report that since starting care with us, her balance has improved, she no longer has chronic neck and lower back pain, and her adjustments have allowed her to experience a great pregnancy with little to no uncomfortable feelings!!

Derrick Z.

My experience at Peak Potential has truly been life changing. After struggling with a variety of severe health issues about 18 months, I met Dr.Julia and Sam and Felt the Genuine compassion, as well as expertise they had. I am grateful to say after working with Dr.Julia consistently for just 4 months, my health, mood, and overall life quality is dramatically better. I believe Dr. Julia and Peak Potential saved my life.” – Derrick Z.

Derrick initially started care with us after having severe GI issues, debilitating back pain, extreme anxiety and other mental health issues, insomnia, and high stress. He had been to 12 other doctors in the course of 8 months before he found us at Peak Potential.

After his initial course of care, here is what he has to report – “GI issues almost 100% resolved. Very little to no back pain. Sleep, nutrition, and lifestyle changes have improved my life dramatically. Stress response significantly improved. Reduced the amount and doses of all medications. The greatest benefit of all, was that working with Dr. Julia and Sam gave me hope when I needed it most.”

Parker E.

Meet Parker!
Parker was having involuntary body jerks and starting to show signs of anxiety.

A neurologist told Parker’s mom that there was nothing they could do about the jerks and that he would have to “live with it.” 

But, his mom didn’t give up, and after doing extra research of her own she found Peak Potential on Google and decided to give us a try.
Dr. Julia met with Parker and crafted a special care plan just for him. We believe hope and healing are always available.
We’re pleased to share that Parker is now completely free of body jerks and his anxiety has decreased! Bonus: he is also sleeping better!!
When your brain and body are able to communicate without interference, you are able to live at your peak potential!

Melissa H.

Increased Energy, Improved Mood, Increased Weight Loss!

Hear Melissa’s awesome story!!

Heather W.

Hear Heather’s awesome story and transformation at Peak Potential Family Chiropractic❤️

Grant S.

This little dude has had amazing LIFE changes since starting care with us!!

Check out what his mom has to say –
“We initially started care with Dr. Julia due to a few things.. GI concerns, sensory overload / self regulation, difficulty focusing, and plenty more..
Since we started at Peak Potential, Grant has gone from 6-12 GI incidents a day to 2-3!! YAY!!
He is consistently happy and regulated, and he can sit and play vs. run-run-run. 
He is more flexible in various situations, vs. melting down. He has increased focus. Faster redirection. Better perception. He listens better…. the list goes on and on! 
We see Dr. Julia 2x a week, and there is a dramatic difference for Grant when we miss a day. Dr. Julia (and Sam) have made life for Grant a happy and manageable thing.” 

Olivia & Jaime P.

Time to celebrate two more amazing Practice Members of the Week! This week is the Mother Daughter Duo, Jaime & Olivia!!

They originally sought care TOGETHER for stress management and anxiety. They have seen great results with increased calmness and overall just feeling more like THEMSELVES, which is huge!

Finley L.

We are so excited to celebrate our amazing practice member, Finley!

Finley brings such a brightness every time she walks through our door and says hello! She loves art and contributes beautiful pictures to our wall of coloring frequently! She also loves school & learning, especially math and science!

She originally sought care with Dr. Julia for her anxiety! Finley is excited to report her worries are gone as well as having improved sleep, energy, and overall mood! Her glitter has settled, and she reports feeling calmer inside!

Wesley D.

Wesley came to see us initially for his behavior (attitude), difficulty sleeping, and his stress. 

“Wesley feels much more calm, reacts better in stressful situations, falls asleep much faster and stays asleep. And has a much better attitude and says he feels GREAT!” – Wesley’s Mom, Jess

Jessica D.

Jessica was beginning to get run down and was in search of a way to improve her life quality. She found Peak Potential and after an initial consult, she was ready to take the next step. 

We created an individualized care plan, specific to her needs that took her from being run down, with pain, headaches, and having stomach pains, to having far less pain, improved mood and decreased symptoms. Most importantly, she now has more energy and is living a more vibrant life!
She lives life at her peak potential by being a better mother and partner, and enjoying her time at new restaurants, concerts and comedy shows!

April & Chloe

Chloe and April initially started care in our office for Chloe who was expressing a lot of ADHD behaviors. Difficulty focusing, and sitting still. 

Both Chloe and April have had amazing change’s here at Peak Potential!
“Chloe, no longer requires any medication! She is much easier to manage in previously stressful situations. Gavin (baby brother also under care) has had a much easier time teething. Mom, April, is able to sleep at night and her IBS symptoms (which she had struggled with for 10 years!) are completely gone!”

Charlie C.

Charlie initially started care in our office seeking help with weekly hive outbreaks. Since starting his adjustments he reports, “I have large amounts of energy! Have not had any hives, and I have an all around higher quality of feeling.”

We love serving amazing people and helping them live at their Peak Potential!

Carrie N.

Meet our stellar practice member, Carrie! And see her amazing health changes she has experienced since starting care at Peak Potential.

Carrie initially started care at Peak Potential after she developed unexplainable debilitating pain, nausea and fatigue after a surgery and back injury in late 2017.
After 2 months of care at Peak Potential, Carrie reports that her nausea and brain fog have been eliminated!! And the debilitating pain has become much more manageable!
Carrie is looking forward to continued care so she can get back to running and being an active role in her family life.

Lincoln and Dylan

Meet Lincoln and Dylan!

These two rockstar siblings have had amazing health changes! Check out the changes they experienced below 🙂

Reason for initially seeking care:
Emotional Outbursts, Anger Management, Sleeping Troubles, Hyperactivity

Benefits achieved from care at Peak Potential:
“Both have been much more calm and in control of their emotions. They have an easier time with transitions and an easier time falling asleep.” – Mom

(THAT IS HUGE! If you’ve spent anytime around young kids, you know that their mood during the day and before bedtime has a huge affect of everyones emotional wellbeing.)

Lincoln and Dylan love to go swimming and go on hikes. Dylan loves horseback riding and Lincoln loves amusement parks. They both love spending time together as a family.

Lawna G.

Meet Lawna, our Practice Member of the Week!

She is excited to be going LIVE on our page with Dr. Julia this afternoon to share some of her story!

In addition to her care here with Dr. Julia, she lives at her Peak Potential through her love & play with dogs (rescues are her favorite!), dancing like nobody’s watching, and creating smash canvases (she says other people call this painting!)

She lives her days as HAPPILY and QUIRKY as she can, here at Peak Potential we are always excited to see her positive energy walk through the front door!

Jasen L.

Tune in to hear Jasen’s amazing story of decreased pain, decreased anxiety and his increased ability to handle stress!

“After my first adjustment, I walked out of Peak Potential and felt like I took the first breath of my life.” -Jasen L.

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